Dicke Katze & Friends is a celebration of why we love cats and especially our big cuddly ones. “Dicke Katze” (roughly German for “Fat Cats”) are our big, loveable friends who are always there for us, even if there sometimes just in it for themselves.

Dicke Katze & Friends is the creation of illustrator Olivia Vieweg. She created the brand, wrote the books and created the plush toys. Olivia lives and works in Germany, where she worked on Visual Communication at the Bauhaus University in Weimar. Here style is expressive and minimalist, touching on both manga and western styles of illustration. See more of Olivia’s great work at her website, www.olivia-vieweg.de.

Dicke Katze & Friends is being further developed and licensed by 830 Studios, LLC, a new U.S. studio working to find and support great new brands and talents like Olivia.


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