You say black cats are the best? Your orange tabby is the smartest cat ever?

Sure, we all have our own favorites. Well, speaking as a black cat, you know where my allegiance lies. But the truth is, it’s all pretty subjective to your own taste. But at the same time, your cats color can say a lot about his or her personality. That’s not just me talking, it’s genetics! What particular personalities you might prefer…well, that just says more about you!

Cat color mythologies

If you read the Black Cat blog you already know the truth about the evil black cat mythology. We bring better luck than the Irish (where was I on St. Patty’s Day?). But there are other cat color mythologies, some which actually have some connections to reality.

gallery_WhiteCat White cats are less active than other cats. They are more shy, calm and clinging than other colors.
gallery_OrangeCat2 Orange Cats, including tabbys, are more “friendly” and easier to train.
gallery_BlackCat Black Cats: Aside from their perceived “evil” mythology, black cats are also thought to be stubborn but very smart.
gallery_Tortie2 Calicos and “Torties” (tortoise shell cats): More sassy and spunky than most cats and very independant.

Color Realities

Actually, many of these stereotypes have a genetic basis to them. Cats are who they are through hundreds or even thousands of years of breeding. Their colors and patterns are, quite literally, part of their personality.

For many pure white cats, a cuddly but aloof nature can be partly due to partial blindness and deafness, as many pure white cats can tend to have defects.

Orange cats (or technically “red” cats), especially the females, do have a tendency to be highly intelligent and trainable.

Black cats, especially the shorthairs, are often fiercely independent and stubborn, but highly intelligent.

But there is so much more in the mix! Over thousands of years us cats have been mixing and matching our colors and patterns. Your cat’s personality is quite likely based more on their breed than their specific color or pattern.

gallery_Calico gallery_OrangeCat

There are over one hundred breeds of cats. All of these cats have mixed and matched a variety of colors and patterns. While their color may play into their personality, a cat’s breed says much more about them. More on that story later.

A rainbow of cats!

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