Dicke Katze Wall of Cats

Dicke Katze Wall of Cats

Post your photo to the Dicke Katze Wall of Cats

We want to see your pics of your Dicke Katze stuffed cats with YOUR cats, or kids, or whatever you want. If you purchased your Dicke Katze at your local shops or online, we want see your pictures here!

(We can only except files in JPEG or PNG format. Please nothing larger than 2Mb.)*

Oh, and also please agree to the Draw Your Dicke Kat promotions Terms of Service.


* There may be a delay getting your photos in the gallery. If you do not see them in a few hours, please contact us at contact@dickekatze.com.

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Meezer_smallCan Your Cat Show Your Cat’s Alter Ego?

You can post photos of your cat to the monthly Dicke Katze Alter Ego gallery. Enter to win a drawing of your cat as a Dicke Kat!

Vote on your cat to be drawn as a Dicke Kat. Tell your friends!

At the end of each month we will pick the top 5 with the highest votes and choose a winner to be drawn as one of our Dicke Katze.