Because cats are awesome!

Okay, I have to admit I’m a little biased, being a cat and all. But I just had to write today about cats. I was watching our neighbor dog, Rascal (what a name, right?), and that got me thinking about cats and dogs, about people and the world we live in.


Cats are better than dogs!

There I said it. It’s out there, and I’m not going to take it back. Cats are better than dogs because we don’t suck up to people. Dogs are constantly needing the approval from people–begging and pleading for EVERYTHING. “Take me outside! Let me inside! Take me for a ride! Give me some food! Oh, boy! Are we going downstairs? Oh man, now we’re going upstairs! See, I followed you! Did I do good? Did I do good?” …ACK!


 As cats, we are who we are. Sure, I don’t have hands. I can’t turn a doorknob or open a can of delicious salmon, so we’ll ask for help if we need it. But otherwise, we’re pretty independant. It may seem selfish sometimes–that we’re only in it for ourselves, but hey, we’re not that different from people. We’re not going to beg for your attention or approval. We certainly aren’t going to perform stupid parlor tricks for you and your friends. You do not need to chain us up outside, or put us on a leash (though some of you do).

You may pet us, and we MAY purr. We’re cute and soft and we know you like that. And we like the petting. A nice symbiotic relationship.


The Feline Phenomenon

But what is with the recent feline craziness going on out there? All these websites, videos and photos of cats doing everything (whether they want to or not). Al Gore may have invented the internet, but cats are taking it over. From grumpy cats, to cats wanting cheeseburgers, to cats meowing Christmas carols, we felines sweep across the internet leaving sneezing pandas, evil gophers and nerdy Star Wars fans in our wake. But why?

Nero-13-11.B-3 Nero-13-11.B-3d

Detachment: Isn’t someone always funnier when they appear that they’re not trying to be funny? Because cats, unlike dogs, aren’t always pleading for attention, we always appear a bit detached from moment–not realizing how funny our situation actually is.

Independance: Because we are so independant, we’re quite likely to get caught up in some strange situations, perhaps against our better judgement. Also, people seem to enjoy watching us doing things they are forcing us to do, just because they know we are miserable. “Yeah, laugh it up…we’ll be talking to your couch later!”

Sensuality: Okay, maybe this seems weird, but there is something sensual about cats. We’re soft to the touch, we move with grace and confidence, we are cute, clever and cunning. When people apply human traits to us cats, it is often of a feminine persuasion. (Try thinking of a slobbering dog as sexy!) Which makes it even more hysterical when we do something ridiculous.


Like people…but better

People always put their own emotions, feelings and traits onto us animals. This is why we cats usually get such put in such high regard. As I’ve said, people see us as independent, smart, graceful, beautiful and regal creatures.

And you always find the most joy in poking fun at those you think are better than you!

You’re welcome!


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